Generative Conflict as a Practice for Activists

“Amazing job to the team! Thank you for offering the time and space for this deep reflection.
This is how change happens and you are doing it!”
—Participant feedback, WLL on Generative Conflict


IMPACT’s Weaver Learning Lab (WLL) on Generative Conflict wrapped its fourth and final session on June 3.

The 31 diverse participants in the Lab met online bi-weekly on Saturdays to explore the foundations of generative conflict (a type of conflict that can create an opportunity for positive change and growth) and ways to create healthier interactions by centering compassion and care. The Lab was specifically designed to support those in movements and organizations involved in justice work to help navigate the dynamics that can lead to fractures in those spaces.

Session topics included:

  • Embodiment practices to increase body awareness when faced with challenging situations.
  • Using a structural analysis to deepen understanding of conflict. 
  • Reflecting on the impact of social conditioning around conflict, including the influence of gender, race and class.

The Lab was organized by IMPACT staff members Yesenia Regalado and Keren Cabral. It was co-facilitated by Yesenia along with consultants Oswaldo Montoya, Raven E. Freeborn, and Hiba Haroon.


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