To change and transform the world, we must change and transform ourselves

- Grace Lee Boggs

Montgomery County residents experience a wide variety of racial and economic injustices: inequitable access to education, poor access to healthcare, unsafe neighborhoods and living conditions, among others. While many organizations bring a variety of solutions to address these issues, in recent years we’ve continued to see these problems grow.

Before tackling these issues, we need to start from the beginning. We need to transform the culture we live in, and build new systems grounded in values of love, human connection, inter-dependence, and cooperation, rather than individualism, self-interest, competition, and fear.

The real issue is that racial and economic injustice stems from human disconnection and dehumanization, concentration of power and wealth, and deeply entrenched systems of oppression.

Our Work

We provide a range of spaces that introduce residents to the values, approaches, and tools to tackle issues across Montgomery County.

We Fight Racism

Our educational tools and programs build awareness to push back against the forces of historical and structural racism.


We Grow Leaders

Our empowerment programs spark people's innate power to become leaders, and to take actions towards creating more equitable neighborhoods and communities.

Connect Communities

We Connect Communities

To overcome the mistrust and fear that lead to fractured and divided communities, we create human-centered spaces to help diverse people connect and build relationships of trust and respect across lines of difference.

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We Boost Economic Power

Our neighborhood program in marginalized communities help build stronger economic growth and stability, including providing incubator support for new and emerging worker cooperatives in communities of color. Worker-ownership in particular is a proven way to close the wealth divide, build assets for worker-owners, and help create a more thriving local economy.

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We Build Democratic Workplaces

IMPACT is striving to build a more productive workplace model that is non-hierarchical, self-managing, and focused on wholeness and purpose.

IMPACT uses a network-building approach to effect change.

A network is simply a set of purposeful relationships and are effective because they: 1) improve the quantity and quality of relationships; 2) mobilize more leadership and sharing of power; and 3) generate more actions that lead to breakthroughs.

IMPACT's Theory of Change reflects our belief that change must take place at multiple levels for racial and economic equity to be achieved:

Level 1: Individual and Interpersonal Transformation (Changing Hearts and Minds)

Level 2: Neighborhood Transformation (Changing Relationship Dynamics and Practices)

Level 3: Systems Transformation (Changing Power Dynamics and Paradigms)

Hear from people in the IMPACT network about how their participation in our spaces and activities has positively influenced their lives and communities.

Our Network Report provides a snapshot of our accomplishments from the past year and the beliefs and aspirations that propel us forward.

Through our initiatives, we’ve engaged over 4500 Montgomery County residents this year.

Read about the work we’ve done to fight racism, grow leaders, connect communities and boost economic power. And see what’s in store for the future!