IMPACT GreenSpace


IMPACT's Greenspace Initiative: an emergent and strategic approach towards cultivating an environmental justice framework at the ground roots level of Montgomery County, MD.

By empowering local residents with the skills, knowledge, and motivational support, our mission is to catalyze our local food network by sustaining a network of local environmentalists towards transformational growth that is afforded through the practice of ecological stewardship.

Our Initiative

We co-create, design, and maintain a variety of biodiverse Greenspace throughout Montgomery County in order to build health equity, enhance local green economy, and help foster the practice of environmental stewardship.

We Create Sustainable Greenspaces through the combination of ancestral permaculture techniques with modern technology.

We Grow Leaders by inspiring individuals to take action with others using a shared leadership approach.

We Connect Communities and Boost Economic Power through the practice of communal gardening, food-sharing, and healthy activity.


CM Evan Glass visit the Leleck Nature Classroom - Sponsored by IMPACT GreenSpace

Our Programs

Community Gardens

We design, co-create, and maintain several community gardens in Montgomery County in order to increase accessibility for residents of all ages and demographics to be able to grow their own fresh produce.


Sustainable Green Economy

We provide Environmental Stewards Training to provide employment opportunities in the emerging sustainable Green Economy.


Naturalist Wellness and Ecosystem Education Activities

We network residents with local greenspaces farmers and environmental stewards, primarily through nature walking/guided tours and provide tools for residents to develop eco-friendly stewardship opportunities in their local neighborhoods.


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