To change and transform the world, we need to change and transform ourselves.

We are a rich, engaging, and diverse community of leaders catalyzing change in Montgomery County.

We offer a wide range of events and programs, ranging from potlucks and block parties to classes and workshops, where residents can meet, learn, and build community.

From youth attending our sports programs to parents who are looking for ways to improve their family’s well-being, our programs are built to foster a strong, resilient community and build leaders with the tools to make lasting, systemic change in our community.

Our Mission

To advance racial equity, justice and liberation by working for change in individuals, communities, organizations, and systems.

Montgomery County residents experience a wide variety of racial and economic injustices: inequitable access to education, poor access to healthcare, unsafe neighborhoods and living conditions, among others. While many organizations bring a variety of solutions to address these issues, in recent years we’ve continued to see these problems grow.

The real issue is that racial and economic injustice stems from human disconnection and dehumanization, concentration of power and wealth, and deeply entrenched systems of oppression.

Before tackling these issues, we need to start from the beginning. We need to transform the culture we live in, and build new systems grounded in values of love, human connection, inter-dependence, and cooperation, rather than individualism, self-interest, competition, and fear.

Our Values

Impact Heart

We relate to each other from a place of love and trust.


We are human beings first and foremost.

Impact Silver Spring Strategy

We build mutually empowered relationships to create real change.

We believe positive change happens by connecting people, building relationships of trust and mutual power, and practicing liberating values in an intentional network, across lines of difference.

Creating Change

Montgomery County residents come into the IMPACT network in a variety of ways, sometimes starting with coffee chats and potlucks, or bringing their family to our youth sports programs.


Through our various spaces, participants are able to deepen their awareness of structural and systemic barriers in their community, and build new and lasting relationships across lines of difference.


Once introduced to the network, people have the opportunity to expand on their own interests, skills and passions: broadening their horizons at a film screening, diving into discussions on racial equity, or even taking steps to start their own worker cooperatives.


Our diverse and resilient network nurtures human connection and collaborative actions leading to big changes - creating a community where every resident can have dignity, justice, and a full and quality life.


What a powerful community looks like.


residents participated in T3 spaces, building awareness and sparking actions to promote racial and economic equity and justice.


action circles with 195 residents carried out 23 projects focused on creating more equity and improved quality of life.


isolated residents were connected to valuable services, resources, and supportive networks.


residents attended worker cooperative learning sessions to build awareness and support for employee-owned enterprises.

Meet others in our community.