An exploratory experience for people seeking radical change rooted in equity, justice, & liberation.

What is the Weaver Learning Lab?

A space to slow down and take a more holistic approach in addressing racism. With an emphasis on the inner awareness needed for outward action, Weavers explore the challenges in seeking equity, justice, and liberation alongside others on the same journey.

Learn about a framework for transformation and apply it to your own social change efforts.

Experience tools and practices to build your capacity for courageous conversations about race.

Develop an inner work/self-care practice that supports resiliency in the work to fight against racism.

Connect to a network of people who may be able to support/complement the change work you want to do.

Look for news about the 2022 Weaver Learning Lab coming soon!

Meet the facilitators:

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Deanna Toler Kuhney

Deanna Toler Kuhney (she/her) is a racial equity educator, trainer, facilitator, and curriculum developer. She is especially skilled in creating and facilitating “safer” spaces which enable participants to engage in courageous conversations around diversity, equity, inclusion, and liberation. She has worked with school districts, communities, non-profits, and corporations for the past 20 years, including: Montgomery County Public Schools, DC Public Schools, East Hartford, Connecticut Public Schools, Leadership Montgomery, IMPACT Silver Spring, and CaringMatters. She holds a B.A in Business Administration; a Masters in Contemporary Communications; and a post-graduate certificate in education and equity.

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Oswaldo Montoya

Oswaldo Montoya (he/him) has a master’s degree in educational psychology. He has been a trainer, curriculum developer, researcher and network builder for more than 20 years. He comes from the tradition of Popular Education, which was developed in Latin America as an instrument for consciousness-raising, community mobilization and social justice. Working with different NGOS in Nicaragua and the US, he’s been involved in pro-feminist men’s activism, anti-racism work and advocacy for children’s rights.

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Yesenia E. Regalado

Yesenia Regalado (she/her) has an established career as a racial equity facilitator and trainer, and has a deep passion for creating the environment for brave dialogues about oppression, privilege, culture and anti-racism. Through her work in the nonprofit sector, she has supported groups’ collective action towards equity. Her equity work is guided by personal experiences as a second generation Latina and the impact of inequities on her family. Yesenia’s educational background includes a postgraduate certificate in education and equity and a Bachelor of Science in sociology.

Hear from others who have completed the program:

“This experience was pivotal to me and provided me with so many action items of how I can show up more effectively as an activist by looking within first.”

“This was an incredible and much needed program. I learned so much more than I expected, and feel so hopeful about our future, given the committed folks I’ve been humbled to meet here. Thank you Impact for continuing to bring these critical trainings and dialogues. Our world desperately needs this work. Thank You!”

“I appreciated the complexity, the welcome of messiness with creative envisioning and the absence of simplistic formulas or prescriptions.”

“The Weaver Learning was an excellent opportunity for me to increase knowledge and awareness about social and racial justice. The Facilitators were AMAZING with a very high quality of understanding and with excellent skills to facilitate the topics.”