Afrofuturism: Resources from Our “Film & Discussion” Event

IMPACT’s February online “Film & Discussion” event featured two short videos produced by the on Afrofuturism, which was defined as follows in one of the films as “a platform where Black people realize our own liberation by exploring self-determined futures across many facets of expression. It’s a new way to understand the state of being Black—free of the terrorism, oppression, and violence of the past.”

Here, we are delighted to not only share links to the two videos that we watched, but also additional resources for learning about and exploring Afrofuturism.

Here are the two films we watched:

  • PBS’ Afrofuturism 101 is a brief minidocumentary that gives a global perspective on Afrofuturist music, art, literature, film and more
  • Smithsonian’s Afrofuturism, The Origin Story goes more in-depth with interviews that explore and celebrate the centuries-old tradition that combines sci-fi/fantasy and history to explore and transform the African American experience.

Some books to continue exploring the topic:

Articles to deepen your understanding: 

A new DC eatery to check out that has an Afrofuturism theme:

Upcoming opera at Strathmore based on an Afrofuturistic novel:

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