Our Work

We provide a range of spaces that introduce residents to the values, approaches, and tools to tackle issues across Montgomery County.

We Fight Racism through transformative learning, awareness-building, and action.

We Grow Leaders by inspiring individuals to take action with others using a non-hierarchical, power-sharing approach.

We Connect Communities through deepening relationships and activating agency and imagination to create new and just systems and institutions.

We Boost Economic Power to create wealth and ownership in marginalized communities based on democratic values.

Impact Silver Spring opened my mind, my full senses of life in America. It changed my life drastically: I feel very powerful and enriched.

Transformative Learning

We provide Montgomery County residents with educational resources and experiences to foster new perspectives and deeper understanding on issues of race and structural inequality.

Spiral Dance

Community Network Building

Our network approach builds strong and diverse relationships that power collaborative actions that ultimately cycle up to systemic and institutional change.


Network Leadership Development

We provide the space and tools for residents to come together and learn about and practice exercising their power, empathy, and creativity to create real change.


Building Economic Power

Through our cooperative development program, IMPACT provides education and technical support to form and operate cooperative businesses in Montgomery County.

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