T3 Initiative


The goal of IMPACT’s Truth, Trust, and Transformation initiative is to strengthen our capacity at the individual, neighborhood, and systems level to break down barriers; to see ourselves as having equal value; and to create networks of connection, mutual support, and action across lines of difference.  In doing so, we believe that we can build a more equitable Montgomery County where everyone can have a full and quality life. Many of our upcoming activities will have all three components of truth, trust, and transformation, yet some will focus on one more than another. Here is a glimpse into some of what we have planned:

Through events like IMPACT NOW!, our goal is to raise individual awareness and understanding around how historical and structural racism connect to today’s challenges.  Keep an eye out for future spaces we plan to host in the network, including book groups, affinity circles to explore issues of racial identity, and storytelling where our truths can be expressed.

Through the Network Weaver Learning Program, our goal is to transform neighborhood culture by strengthening inter-personal relationships, trust, and mutual understanding across lines of difference, and by increasing the number of resident-led actions that lead to quality of life improvements.  The learning program will be launched this fall.

Through our Local Inclusive Economy and Community-Wealth Building Initiative, our goal is to lead a systems’ transformation effort aimed at addressing the growing income and wealth gap.  Using a community-centered approach, we will support the development of a local economy system that enables people traditionally left out of economic enterprise opportunities to build and own a network of micro, small, and cooperative businesses – leading to increased financial security, assets, and community wealth.