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Opportunity Circles

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What is an Opportunity Circle?

At Impact we invite each other to connect in small circles to build trusting relationships, support each other in our life’s path, and explore new opportunities for individual growth and collective change.. In these Circles people are working on various social, economic, and or civic projects that align with their deepest aspirations for their families, the network, and the larger community. Our vision is to have circles operating in each of the neighborhood networks in Long Branch, Wheaton, Bel Pre, Gaithersburg, and East County.

Impacts’ circles are based on the following 10 grounding principles:

In Circles

  1. We come together as equals and take time to build relationships.
  2. We actively identify and appreciate each person’s unique gifts and personal power, including our own.
  3. We come into the circle with openness to ask for and provide each other with mutual support and accountability.
  4. We actively focus on the positive opportunities for ourselves, for the group, and for our community.
  5. We find ways to have fun while we push forward.
  6. We put shared goals into motion with courage, persistence, and openness to change.
  7. We regularly listen, seek feedback, and make changes as needed.
  8. We acknowledge that disagreement is difficult but natural and sometimes necessary, and we are committed to working through our differences.
  9. We understand that the life of the group is dependent upon shared interest and purpose and we give ourselves permission to move on when there are other priorities for our time.
  10. We commit to the group and practice flexibility and understanding with each other.