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IMPACT Job Opportunities

Economic Equity Network Builder

General Summary of the Position

The primary work of the Economic Equity Network Builder is to support IMPACT’s efforts to ignite, shape, and support the development of an economic eco-system in Montgomery County grounded in racial equity and democratic values and principles. In developing such a system, IMPACT’s goal is to foster the development of alternative economic models such as worker-owned cooperatives, housing cooperatives, community-owned financial lending enterprises, and community land trusts – that will enable low-income immigrants and people of color to build wealth and own assets.

Position-Specific Competencies

Competencies speak to the abilities and behaviors that help us to do our work well. The Economic Equity Network Builder is expected to:

● Be fluent in conversational and written Spanish and English.
● Understand why an economic system grounded in the principles of solidarity, liberation, and cooperation is important to IMPACT’s racial equity vision and theory of change.
● Understand core constructs such as historical and structural racism, racial equity and justice, local economic development, and community wealth-building.
● Utilize IMPACT’s network-building methodology and SPACES framework creatively, collaboratively, and effectively to knit together a vibrant local economy eco-system comprised of diverse people from neighborhoods, organizations, and institutions.
● Listen deeply to and support grassroots residents in identifying their strengths and gifts, and expressing their entrepreneurial aspirations.
● Build relationships and strategic alliances with people from institutions, organizations and the community at-large, and facilitate meaningful connections across silos and divides.
● Learn from experience, deciding strategically on the next step after reflecting on previous step.
● Recognize when something does not work, and move on.
● Value and actively pursue knowing people with different perspectives and from different backgrounds.
● Work effectively with team members and the broader IMPACT network in an open and respectful manner. It is essential that employees exchange information in a timely manner, document and follow through where necessary with team and network members, and those outside of the network in order to advance our goals.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Economic Equity (80%)

● Design, set-up, and host network spaces (ranging from large convenings to small study groups) focused on deepening individual and collective awareness, understanding and support for community wealth-building strategies.
● Plan and execute outreach and engagement activities to grow the network of grassroots residents interested in forming worker cooperatives or other community wealth-building initiatives.
● Provide organizational support for emerging circles and action teams, including cooperatives; coach groups in how to build trust through small, low-risk collaborations with others.
● Organize cooperative development technical support and resources that individuals and groups in the network can easily access.
● Organize peer-to-peer learning spaces for members of different cooperatives to share and support each other.
● Help organize and host regular network gatherings that will connect grassroots residents to IMPACT’s broader network – leading to increased mutual support, technical assistance and resources, and more visibility and business opportunities.
● Manage all logistical aspects of community events and activities (outreach, ordering food and supplies, arranging for child care and interpreters, etc)
● Continually unearth new people with needed skills, resources, and perspectives and link them into the Economic Equity Network.
● Support action groups of diverse people to organize and advocate for state and local legislation and policies to support cooperatives and other community-wealth building initiatives.

Administrative & Communications (20%)

● Regularly update the database with information on Network members and Network activities.
● Provide general administrative, communications and project coordination support to resident leadership teams and other IMPACT Silver Spring staff.
● Prepare and manage program materials and archival information including: flyers, reminder notices, agendas, notes of sessions, follow up materials, miscellaneous correspondence, etc.
● Support efforts to document the trajectory of the Economic Equity Network through formal evaluations and data tracking, as well as story gathering and monthly Network reports.
● Submit timesheets, expense reimbursements, receipts, and other operational and financial paperwork in a timely manner.

Interested applicants should send a cover letter and resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Candidates for Board of Directors

At IMPACT Silver Spring, we envision Montgomery County as a thriving multi-cultural community where people of all backgrounds are engaged, connected, and exercising individual and collective power to bring about the changes needed for a full and quality of life. We believe that positive change happens by connecting people, building relationships of trust, and exchanging value in an intentional network, across lines of difference – and that with enough intentionality, compassion, and practice, a mixed income, mixed culture community can thrive.

IMPACT’s board aspires to represent and practice the thriving community we are striving to create in the wider Montgomery County community, where people from diverse racial and socio-economic backgrounds are breaking through barriers and divisions, and building connections and relationships of trust with each other.

Background and Qualifications
We are seeking board members who share our vision and beliefs, and are committed to supporting the healthy development of IMPACT’s network, and ultimately a thriving, multi-cultural community. Lessons and experiences from the relationship and trust-building work that takes place at the board level will help to inform the on-going shaping and development of IMPACT’s networks in the diverse neighborhoods of Long Branch, Wheaton, Gaithersburg, and East County.

Our goal is to ensure that the composition of IMPACT’s board reflects the racial, ethnic, and socio-economic diversity of our community. Additionally, we seek a balance of community residents who are active in the IMPACT network, and established leaders from institutions who are a vital part of IMPACT’s network.

Board Member Expectations
-A belief in IMPACT’s values and mission, and a commitment to following IMPACT’s core Circle principles, which include:

  • We come together as human beings and take time to build relationships.
  • We actively identify and appreciate each person’s unique gifts and personal power, including our own.
  • We come in to the circle with a willingness and genuine desire to ask for and provide each other with mutual support and accountability.
  • We actively focus on the positive opportunities for ourselves, for the group, and for our community.
  • We find ways to have fun while we push forward.
  • We put shared goals into motion with courage, persistence and flexibility.
  • We actively listen, seek feedback, and acknowledge mistakes at every step of the way.
  • We understand that disagreement is difficult but natural and sometime necessary, and we are committed to working through our differences.

-Attend 4-6 board meetings annually

-Actively engage in the IMPACT network by contributing time, talent, and/or resources to the network. Included in that time, Board members are expected to participate in at least 2 -3 network activities per year beyond regular board meeting attendance.

-Actively participate in efforts to raise the funds needed to adequately resource the network.

Interested candidates are asked to submit a one-page statement of interest to IMPACT’s Executive Director, Jayne Park at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


IMPACT Sports Opportunities

Assistant Soccer Coach Internship 

Intern will accompany a program targeting low income kids twice a week or co-coach one of the teams in our soccer league. Practices are several times a week and games are on Saturdays in Wheaton. To apply, please send a cover letter to Carmen Hernandez at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..