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Momentum Awards Honor Community Members Making a Difference

Elizabeth McMeekin on Tuesday, 04 March 2014. Posted in Inside Impact

The 2014 Momentum Awards Committee

From beginning to end, community is at the heart of the Momentum Awards. Nominations come from community members who identify the incredible contributions of people in the area. Each year, amazing individuals and groups are lifted up as candidates for the three awards categories:

Social Momentum – Those working in our community to build trust, relationships, a sense of belonging and mutual support across lines of difference.
Economic Momentum – Those who are positively impacting employment, income and/or commerce in ways that tap the power of our community’s diversity.
Civic Momentum – Those attuned to addressing, in the public square, the challenges faced by our diverse community.

momentum awards committee 018resizeEach year, a fabulous committee of community volunteers reviews the nominations, and gathers together to discuss and select the winners for each category. This year’s committee included 21 people from around the county who agreed to review the nominations and participate together in making the final selections. This year’s committee was composed of people working for county government, community members, former Momentum Award winners, and representatives from community-based nonprofits. We extend our profound thanks to Jayne Park and Reemberto Rodriguez, who served as Co-Chairs for the Selection Committee, and for each of the Committee members themselves:

Ana Van Balen, Anil Pereira, Ben Simon, Debbie Spielberg, Evan Glass, Frankie Blackburn, Hope Gleicher, Jewru Bandeh, John Landesman, Lanita Whitehurst, Matthew Braddock, Megan Moriarty, Noelle Halle, Sharon Friedman, Shebra Evans, Sue Lenn, Tiffany Tan, Timothy Warner, and Wendy Enderson.  

2014 Momentum Award Winners

Paula Matallana on Monday, 03 March 2014. Posted in Inside Impact

Honoring Montgomery County's Unsing Heroes

Join us in honoring our 2014 Momentum Awards recipients, local heroes who are creating social, economic, and civic momentum for the betterment of life in Montgomery County! 

Social Momentum Award: Rashad Price, Street Outreach Network
Rashad Price works in the Street Outreach Network, an initiative of the Montgomery County's Department of Health and Human Services, to provide positive youth development programs in the region of East County. In the past year, he has developed both a flag football team and a basketball team, organized field trips, and established a male mentoring program for over 30 youth. This program meets weekly to discuss issues relating to the youth's environment, social and educational issues. It is also monitors grades, encourages parent involvement, and attempts to improve teen behavior.

Economic Momentum Award: Long Branch Business League Leadership (Carlos Perozo, Ada Villatoro, Art Cobb)
The leadership of the Long Branch Business League is comprised of Carlos Perozo, President of the League and owner of ZP Tax; Ada Villatoro, Vice President of the League and owner of El Golfo Restaurant; and Art Cobb, Secretary-Treasurer of the League and owner of BSP Media Services. They have been instrumental in promoting an inclusive vision for Long Branch's commercial center while maintaining a goal that allows private commercial success and community well being to progress hand in hand. Carlos, Ada and Art, each small business owners, have gone above and beyond their own businesses to focus on such community-building initiatives as the Super Block Party at which for Long Branch residents came together.

Civic Momentum Award: Laurie Duker, Executive Director, Court Watch Montgomery
Laurie founded Court Watch Montgomery over four years ago in order to help guarantee the safety of women fleeing domestic abuse in Montgomery County. With Laurie's leadreship, Court Watch has implemented a process to help victims of domestic violence as they pursue just and safe lives as it aims to curb the practices that keep women from successfully using the court to protect themselves. Court Watch monitors and evaluates Maryland's domestic violence justice system by accompanying women to court, makes judicial personnel aware of the public's interest in how domestic violence cases are handled by the court, reports their findings and recommendations regularly, and educates citizens about domestic violence and the role of the local judiciary.