About IMPACT Silver Spring


IMPACT Silver Spring was founded in 1999 during the revitalization of downtown Silver Spring. The concept of IMPACT Silver Spring was born when these founders developed a community-wide leadership program, bringing people together across lines of difference for relationship- and skill-building.

In 2009 IMPACT combined its leadership development and community engagement technologies with Montgomery County's Department of HHS to create the Neighbors Campaign--now known as the Neighborhood Opportunity Network--connecting families to emergency services and their neighbors and other anchor institutions who can help them in times of crisis. In 2010 IMPACT augmented the value of the Network via a merger with the Long Branch Athletic Association-- connecting kids from low-income families to organized sports in their community.

In 2010 IMPACT initiated a new Network effort called the Family Asset Building Network--consisting of families who are working in the context of mutually supportive and accountable networks while in pursuit of positive economic outcomes for their families. The learnings from this network continue to inform the newest iterations of the larger Neighborhood Opportunity Network.

Lastly, in June of 2012, IMPACT's staff and the board of directors worked jointly to revise our mission, vision, and theory of change to better reflect the organization's commitment to building community based networks that improve quality of life.

Our Vision

A thriving, multicultural community where people of all backgrounds are engaged, connected, and exercise individual and collective power to bring about the changes needed for a full and quality life.

Our Mission

To build and sustain community-based networks that support people who are creating social, economic, and civic momentum that contributes to inclusive local economies and vibrant communities.