15 May 2017

May 2017 Newsletter

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IMPACT Network News: May 2017

 The following content was originally distributed through IMPACT Silver Spring's May 2017 e-newsletter.




IMPACT Now! 2017 Highlights

Dear Friends:

Thank you for attending IMPACT NOW! 2017 last Thursday! We wanted to share a few highlights from the thought-provoking remarks and panel conversation. In the coming weeks, we will continue to share highlights from the event, as well as concrete plans for moving forward. Please check back on our website, and also make sure to follow us on Facebook.

We are so grateful for the energy and passion you brought to the event, and for your extraordinary commitment to creating a more equitable future together.



Remarks by keynote speaker and panelists:

“Why racism? Because it hurts us all. How we confront this canker that refuses to heal because we won’t name it will determine how well we all do now and in the future”
-Dr. Yanique Redwood

“African Americans have had a very different experience than white folks in Montgomery County for much of the County’s history…. losing that history gives new-comers the misinterpretation that Silver Spring and Montgomery County have always been like this. We haven’t.”
-Dr. David Rotenstein

“Black folks are the canary in the mine for how racism and oppression happens – not just to black folks, but to Latino folks, Asian folks, to all people of color, women, LGBTQ folks.”
-Ronnie Galvin

“We need to elect people who see structural racism as a matter of fact….we need to commit as a society that when we are electing people, that structural racism is something that they understand."
-Marice Morales

Here are some reflections from participants:

“I liked the opportunity to connect with people I would not ordinarily spend time with, and the impactful speaker and panel.”

“Direct, thought-provoking, experienced, and inspiring speakers. Very well presented, and loved the interactive elements”

“Great speakers and panelists! Excellent music! Liked the chairs in circles too!”

“Appreciated the chance to confront racism in all its forms and look for ways to change institutional injustice.”

“Like the history and panel discussion. Interesting to hear more history of MoCo. Liked using the "compass" [a facilitation tool] to identify how we feel about comments."

“A lot of ideas were presented concerning institutional racism, and people appear ready to dialogue and share their stories and ideas for moving forward. ​“

To see more photos from IMPACT Now!, click here,


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